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Ruby 1.8.6 on Openmoko Freerunner

Posted by Jim Morris on Sun Aug 10 23:09:54 -0700 2008

I finally got around to building ruby 1.8.6 for my FR. I modified the ruby bitbake files that I found in the Mokomakefile openembedded directory. I am not sure how one actually is meant to do this, as the OE site is down and the docs don't explain it. So I just replaced the 1.8.5 ones with the 1.8.6 ones. I also managed to fix a bug in the 1.8.5 BB recipe that was causing socket to not build.

I also got the ruby dbus library to work, although I don't know what to do with it yet :)

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JEdit Ruby/Rails Snippets or superabbrevs

Posted by Jim Morris on Fri Nov 24 19:05:52 -0800 2006

I imported the rest of the Textmate ruby and rails snippets I had to combine them into the one ruby file though.

I have added about 80 new ones to the existing ones by Scott Becker that I found here

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JEdit - Textmate for the rest of us?

Posted by Jim Morris on Tue Nov 21 23:20:07 -0800 2006

OK after expounding on how much I like Epsilon as an editor, I finally hit a wall with it. I wanted tabs of the currently open files, and it simply does not provide that facility yet. (I know all modern editors do!). On X11 (IE Linux and OS/X) Epsilon is not really a graphical app, it does open an X11 window, but within it most dialogs and lists (like buffer lists etc) are text, a little like a curses app. The advantage is it opens really fast, and loads huge files pretty fast. The downside is you don't get all those nice windowing facilities like movable pop-up windows, dialogs, trees and tabs!

So after hearing so much about JEdit, I bit the bullet and gave it a whirl. Following the instructions from a number of blogs (too numerous to mention) I installed it on my KUbuntu Linux box, with all the plugins people recommend, and of course the Ruby plugin and SupperAbbrevs (The beta version), so I have my snippets!

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Epsilon Programmers Editor

Posted by Jim Morris on Sat Sep 30 17:20:15 -0700 2006

I use Lugarus excellent Epsilon Editor for most of my programming editing needs, on Win32 and Linux.

(An exception is for Java programming where I use Eclipse).

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Using Ruby SVN bindings to get file status

Posted by Jim Morris on Mon Sep 04 11:51:35 -0700 2006

If you Google around for information or even some documentation on the ruby SVN bindings you will find plenty of comments that it simply is not documented, so when I wanted to add an SVN status check to a UI I was working on (a project browser window for Rails), I had to "Use the source Luke". However given the bindings are actually mostly automatically generated by SWIG, and the actual details are hidden in a goo of swig generated c code, even that was a challenge.

Eventually I realized that the API was almost identical to the c level subversion API, not surprisingly, and for the most part it works the way you would expect. However I could not find any examples of the client status call, so here it is for anyone else struggling with this issue.

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Experiences with Komodo Pro and Ruby

Posted by Jim Morris on Wed Aug 09 22:39:06 -0700 2006

I got a license for Komodo Pro, (Komodo-Professional-3.5.3-262321-linux-libcpp5-x86) and started trying to use it, I have the latest KUbuntu, with GTK installed so I had no problems installing Komodo as far as libraries and requirements were concerned, however running it had me stumped, I ran into immediate problems (some of my own making I'll admit).

First I saw a stream of errors on the screen, they didn't seem fatal but are annoying, for instance...

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Capistrano deploy from local repository

Posted by Jim Morris on Fri May 26 17:08:00 -0700 2006

UPDATE 2006-12-06 I have replaced this with a full blown SCM module that works much better, see this posting

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Howto format ruby code for blogs

Posted by Jim Morris on Fri May 26 00:14:00 -0700 2006

How do I get that nice formatted ruby code inline?

Well if you are on typo trunk use this...

<typo:code lang="ruby">
   ...ruby code...
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An Admin page for Rails Role Based Authentication

Posted by Jim Morris on Sat May 20 13:19:00 -0700 2006

This is an example of an admin page for the Rails Recipes book Role Based Authentication, using a tree control and checkboxes for HABTM.

I used the Silverstripe tree control to render two trees, on the left a list of all Roles and what Rights they have. On the right a tree with all controllers and a checkbox for each action for each controller, under that a set of checkboxes that allow you to apply the selected rights to the selected Roles.

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