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Epsilon Programmers Editor

Posted by Jim Morris on Sat Sep 30 17:20:15 -0700 2006

I use Lugarus excellent Epsilon Editor for most of my programming editing needs, on Win32 and Linux.

(An exception is for Java programming where I use Eclipse).

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Experiences with Komodo Pro and Ruby

Posted by Jim Morris on Wed Aug 09 22:39:06 -0700 2006

I got a license for Komodo Pro, (Komodo-Professional-3.5.3-262321-linux-libcpp5-x86) and started trying to use it, I have the latest KUbuntu, with GTK installed so I had no problems installing Komodo as far as libraries and requirements were concerned, however running it had me stumped, I ran into immediate problems (some of my own making I'll admit).

First I saw a stream of errors on the screen, they didn't seem fatal but are annoying, for instance...

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