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Fixtures VS Factories, or how I do fixtures

Posted by Jim Morris on Fri Feb 06 15:04:54 -0800 2009

There is a raging debate in many forums about how to do fixture-like things. Basically how do you populate a database with test data so you can run your Specs/Tests/Features.

There are several libraries out there to do this like FactoryGirl, FixtureReplacement, Machinist, Fixjour etc etc. If you use Rails and ActiveRecord pick the one you like and be happy ;)

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New merb based blog

Posted by Jim Morris on Tue Jan 13 23:33:26 -0800 2009

I just replaced the blog engine I was using (an older version of Typo) with a custom one I just wrote in Merb. It should look identical to the old typo based blog, as I used the same theme.

Hopefully I imported the data correctly so all old article url's that are scattered all over will still bring up the correct article and the RSS feeds should continue to work.

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