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Upgrading a Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 server to Lucid 10.06 with software RAID 1

Posted by Jim Morris on Mon Nov 29 23:06:57 -0800 2010

I needed to upgrade a remote server that was running Dapper to Lucid, as Dapper is no longer supported (or will soon be EOL'd). This server uses a software RAID 1, and that seems to be the problem.

I tried to do this over the network via ssh in a screen, however after it upgraded to Hardy it failed to boot.

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Upgrading a Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake system to a Core Duo MoBo

Posted by Jim Morris on Sun Dec 17 02:57:15 -0800 2006

My current development system is Ubuntu 6.06 using an Athlon 2500+ Barton processor and an Asus A7V8X-X motherboard and 1GB of DRAM. It has been pretty stable, and relatively fast, but it is about 3 years old, and I like to upgrade when I can at least double my perceived performance. (ie I have to notice the difference, not just going on specs).

So I decided the latest hot system seems to be based on the Intel Core 2 Duo 6600, and I like a quiet system so I decided to build one spec'd out by Silent PC Review. The one in particular was SPCR Model One: Modern General Purpose PC.

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