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Groovy bean dialogs

Posted by Jim Morris on Tue Feb 21 16:36:46 -0800 2012

I really wanted to share this one as it is so cool.

I have been writing some database GUI admin tools using Groovy and I use SwingBuilder to build the UI as it tends to be easier than using Swing directly.

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How to implement Polymorphic protocol buffers in Java

Posted by Jim Morris on Wed Nov 23 00:08:34 -0800 2011

I decided to use Googles Protocol Buffers for a new server. I have been writing custom binary protocols for over 15 years for my various servers, as well as using XML and JSON on occasions.

I prefer binary protocols as they tend to be lean and mean when it comes to bandwidth.

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A TCP socket bridge for Javascript

Posted by Jim Morris on Sat Sep 12 16:07:22 -0700 2009

In the process of rewriting my voice server in Erlang, I decided a new web-based Javascript UI would also be welcome. One problem of course is my voice server requires a TCP connection and a UDP socket for sending voice, not to mention the whole voice capture, playback thing.

In order for this to work the voice and playback would need to be written in a Java Applet, so it made sense to put the whole TCP/UDP communications stuff in there too.

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Using java enum for command dispatching

Posted by Jim Morris on Sun Apr 12 01:26:06 -0700 2009

I haven't blogged much about Java even though it is my primary programming language. Since I have been doing a lot of Java recently I thought I'd post something about some of the Java idioms I've used over the years.

One I have been using a lot recently is a command dispatcher where the command is text.

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