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New merb based blog

Posted by Jim Morris on Tue Jan 13 23:33:26 -0800 2009

I just replaced the blog engine I was using (an older version of Typo) with a custom one I just wrote in Merb. It should look identical to the old typo based blog, as I used the same theme.

Hopefully I imported the data correctly so all old article url's that are scattered all over will still bring up the correct article and the RSS feeds should continue to work.

(let me know if they don't)

I'll write more about using Merb with the Sequel ORM later.

For now the code for this blog engine (which is very minimal in its functionality) is checked into github http://github.com/wolfmanjm/wolfmanblog/tree/master

So anyone interested in Merb and using Sequel as the ORM can look at that code for examples.

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  1. epoch said on Sat Jan 24 16:36:05 -0800 2009
    Nice blog. Wanted to check out Sequel for awhile but blog post about it is virtually non existant, looking forward to hear more about it.
  2. wolfman said on Sat May 23 14:32:30 -0700 2009
    I have added caching to this blog to speed it up significantly. However as I use pagecaching I had to hack merb cache. This is checked into the github, see init.rb for the hack, and controllers posts and comments for how to flush the cache
  3. wolfman said on Sun May 24 14:16:47 -0700 2009
    Checked in a fix that uses action caching instead so I can exclude authenticated users pages from being cached

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