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Fun with a PC104 board, embedded Linux and wifi

Posted by Jim Morris on Wed Oct 21 01:32:16 -0700 2009

Around 10 years ago I was playing with some home robotics, built a simple robot, with some sensors and an on-board Linux-based PC. The purpose was to experiment with Robot AI, a continuation of my PhD thesis I started on some 30 years ago, but did not complete.

The robot had a camera, a digital compass, a sonar scanner and a short range IR range detector, plus some bump detectors. I could control it over a wifi connection, that was a Orinoco PCMCIA board plugged into the PC104, 586 based Linux PC that was on-board. All powered by several batteries.

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Switching to KUbuntu from Redhat 9

Posted by Jim Morris on Mon Jul 03 13:07:40 -0700 2006

OK it was time I upgraded my main development workstation from a highly modified Redhat 9 to something more up to date that actually gets security updates and has a good package manager.

I have been using Ubuntu for my servers for some time, and like the package management, but I am used to KDE now and don't really want to switch to Gnome on my workstation. So I decided to try to upgrade to KUbuntu.

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