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Porting xgps to Qtopia for the Freerunner

Posted by Jim Morris on Wed Aug 27 14:46:34 -0700 2008


I was getting bored waiting for Trolltech to release the next version of Qtopia for the Freerunner, so I ported the xgps client from gpsd's distribution to Qtopia.

As you may know by now, Qtopia does not have X11 so none of the existing X11 based or GTK based GPS clients work. I was exploring GPSD because I wanted to to be able to get a one time position for my sunset calculator which requires your current latitude and longitude. Although GPSD is not well suited for that (thats a whole other blog entry), I did notice you can connect to it over the ethernet, so I was playing with cgps and xgps that you find in the GPSD tar file, running on my desktop, talking to gpsd running on my Freerunner.

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