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More JEdit macros for rails

Posted by Jim Morris on Thu May 31 13:27:46 -0700 2007

I have been using JEdit more and more for my rails development, I have gone back and forth between it and Epsilon, however JEdit is starting to win out. I have upgraded to the latest pre version (4.3pre9).

I have modified a number of macros to do my bidding, and I dumped the Ruby Plugin because I kept running into things it did that I disliked, and it still seems a little buggy.

The best thing I did was update the ruby.xml Language mode to fully indent properly, like unindent end else rescue etc, and do this when you type those words. This is now possible with some new features in the 4.3pre9 series.

I also wrote a HAML language mode.

The plugins I currently use are...

  • Buffer Selector
  • BufferTabs
  • Common Controls
  • Console
  • CssEditor
  • CtagsSideKick
  • ErrorList
  • Highlight
  • Info Viewer
  • Latest Version
  • Log Viewer
  • MacroManager
  • OpenIt
  • Project Viewer
  • QuickNotepad
  • RecentBufferSwitcher
  • SideKick
  • SuperAbbrevs
  • SwitchBuffer
  • Tags
  • TextTools
  • XercesPlugin

The macros I have downloaded, modified or written to help with rails development are...

  • Expand_Hash.bsh - My macro to expand # to #{} when in a string
  • Go_to_Ruby_method_v0.5.bsh - Downloaded from the macromanager
  • Open_Related_File.bsh - Downloaded from the macromanager
  • Search_Ruby_documentation - A modified version of the one I downloaded, modified to use qri, and select from a list if multiple hits
  • Run_Test_Case.bsh - My macro to run a specific test case or specification. Bind it to a key (I use Shift-F11), put the cursor in a test case or specification and type the shortcut, and that specific test case will run, the results going to the console plugin.
  • Select_Super_Abbrevs.bsh - My macro to select from a list of matching SupperAbbrevs
  • Find_Next_Selected.bsh - Downloaded from the macromanager

I have linked the ones I have written or modified so you can download them if you like.

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  1. Jonathan Aquino said on Mon Jul 16 14:16:13 -0700 2007
    jEdit rocks!
  2. wolfmanjm said on Thu Jul 19 18:07:15 -0700 2007
    I updated the ruby.xml file fixing an indent problem
  3. wolfmanjm said on Thu Aug 16 16:44:15 -0700 2007
    I updated ruby.xml again to fix case/when handling
  4. Andrew said on Thu Sep 20 12:26:25 -0700 2007
    ooh, ooh, ooooh

    can we get / find a macro that will toggle Camelizing / Underscoreizing the selected text.

    That is the one thing i really liked about Textmate, the macros where just shell scripts that could be written in any language (just change the shebang as needed). I don't do Java code so the macros don't really allow me to easily edit / write them. blah.

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